Moscow Entertainment

Bolshoi Theatre

Bolshoi Theatre The Bolshoi has always been the Russia's premier opera and ballet house generally associated with Peter Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake staged for the first time in 1877. La Bayadere, Sleeping Beauty, Spartacus are the most popular home classics. The Bolshoi is a repertory theatre and normally introduces two to four new ballets or operas each season and puts a similar number on hold. It currently has two stages, the Main Stage of the historical building and the New Stage located in the neighbouring edifice. The Main Stage was reopened after six-year renovation in 2011.

Ticket prices: $30-$135 (opera), $35-$350 (ballet).


National Russian Show

National Russian Show The folk ballet "Kostroma" presents the best Russia's folk show. During two hours spectators enjoy the grandiose combination of music, dance, drama, luxurious sets and video-projection. About fifty excellent dancers introduce you to a fascinating story about Russian origins and beliefs, Cossacks, beauties and bears, and even communist fever is not forgotten to be danced through. More than 200 unique costumes adorned with pearls and silver have been designed specifically for the show. The company performs almost daily from June to September.

Ticket prices: $50 (commission is included).


Moscow Old Circus

Old Circus performance The oldest of Moscow circuses was founded in 1880 and now bears the name of the country's most beloved clown Yury Nikulin. The old circus still remains Moscow's most popular circus, and it never lost its place in the heart of the Moscow audience. Inspite of being much smaller than the new circus built in the 1970s, it has warmth and intimacy letting spectators feel themselves participants of the action even when they take the gallery seats. Duration of the performance is 2 hours 20 min. with one intermission.

Ticket prices: $15-$100.


Moscow New Circus

Moscow New Circus The New or the Great Moscow Circus remains the world's largest circus building which artistic possibilities are still unmatched. The true jewel in the crown is an interchangeable ring which can easily transform a traditional equestrian ring with hard-rubber mat into a water basin with underwater lighting and fountains, a hard floor ring with trapdoors for magic acts, a lighted floor ring and an ice ring. New show is usually premiered every autumn. Now the circus's team is headed by Edgard Zapashny, famous animal tamer.

Ticket prices: $7-$100.


Zlatoust Concert

Zlatoust folk concert The Golden Voice ensemble ("Zlatoust" in Russian) is one of the finest a cappella choirs in Moscow. The core of the one hour concert's repertoire is traditionally made of Russian folk songs conveying to listeners an atmosphere of long winters and bright festivities, touching lyrical scenes and cheerful weddings. The sacred and liturgical music by Vedel, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov and other Russian composers is also a part of the program. The summer's venue for their concerts is usually the Ilya Glazunov Art Gallery in Volkhonka.

Ticket prices: $30 (commission is included).


Spasskaya Tower Tattoo

Spasskaya Tower Tattoo The Spasskaya Tower Tattoo is an annual music fiesta staged right in Red Square, and a great "battlefield" of the bands from all over the world. Military, classical, folk and popular melodies make the tattoo's musical cocktail which comes with parades and dance shows, laser and pyrotechnic effects. The festival is held within the framework of the Moscow Days of the City. Each show is usually ended up with a firework. The Spasskaya Tower Tattoo-2013 will take place from 1 to 8 September.

Ticket prices: $35-$200.


Sanduny Baths

Swimming pool in the high-class men's compartment The most famous Moscow banya is over two hundred years old. Having separate facilities for men and women, Sanduny treats men in a special splendor. Large steam rooms of the high-class men's compartment would do honour to Roman emperors. All accessories you need can be rented or purchased on spot: towel, large sheet, special felt hat, slippers, care creams, birch tree twig. Pool-attendants (for some tip) may lash you with birch twigs, the procedure increases the blood circulation and leads to wonderful physical experience. Open daily from 8.00 to 22.00 except Tuesday (men's) and Monday (women's).

Ticket prices: 2 hour session $50 (first-class compartment) - $85 (high-class compartment).


Faberge Show at the "Yar" Restaurant

Faberge Show at the Yar An extravagant variety show is held almost every night from 9 to 10 pm in one of the best Russian food restaurants of Moscow which catchy interiors remember the last Romanovs and Leo Tolstoy. Today's Yar is proud of its not less honoured guests like Margaret Thatcher, Pierre Cardin, Arnold Schwarzenegger. While looking at beautiful dancers and acrobats you may order your dinner and try some fantastic delicacies, that might be a baby sturgeon poached in champagne or traditional Russian pirozhki.

Ticket prices: $50 (commission is included), dinner is paid extra.


Dancing Fountains Circus

Dancing Fountains Circus The real dancing fountains serve as the background to the theatre's stage which the circus performance takes place on. Ice dancing, cats tricks, tightrope walking, acrobatics, clowns and mimes, make the show quite amusing, especially for kids. Ice-cream for free, pony rides and photos with artists and their animal partners are additional entertainments during intermission. Show lasts 2 h. 40 min.

Ticket prices: $35 (commission is included).